IDCC Manual


The IDCC Manual has been formulated to establish a framework for the efficient and proficient management of IDCC’s endeavors. Within its pages are encapsulated the finest practices of IDCC, outlining a methodical approach to the execution of operations, the articulation of policy expectations, the delineation of plans, and the delineation of procedures. This meticulously crafted manual serves as an invaluable means of communication, instrumental in propelling IDCC’s operations with optimal efficiency. It prescribes a definitive trajectory and methodology, serving as a compass to steer decisions, offering guidance within the contours of IDCC’s objectives, aspirations, and managerial philosophies.
The manual delves into various policy domains categorized by divisions, encompassing areas such as administration, finance, technical facets, and security considerations. Its purpose is to not only foster uniformity but also to serve as an educational resource, aiding in the training process. The procedures articulated in the manual are meticulously structured to minimize divergence within specific processes. These procedures, in essence, furnish comprehensive portrayals of the tasks intrinsic to IDCC’s activities. These instructions can take various forms, ranging from systematic step-by-step guides to visual flowcharts or other descriptive formats.

Hard copies of the IDCC manual will be made available to member churches for reference.